The Terra Team is Emerson's environmental awareness and action group.

No Impact Experiment:  A Month Long Carbon Cleanse

Week 1 - Consumption and Trash

Week 2 - Transportation and Energy

Week 3 - Food and Water

Week 4 - Giving Back and Eco-Sabbath

No Impact Experiment Action Plan

Week 1:  Consumption & Trash

Actions Already Do
This Week
Will Continue
Action After Challenge
Do Not Shop for
New Items
If You Do Need to
Make a purchase, try to buy 2nd hand, borrow or make it yourself
Stop Drinking Bottled Water and instead drink from the tap        
Put together a no-trash travel kit*        
Steer clear of goods that come in a box, wrapper, plastic etc.        
Stop using paper towels and paper napkins        
Buy from bulk bins and bring your own old produce bags or cloth bags        
Watch The Story of Stuff (story of        
Reduce paper by arranging for e-billing and statements rather than mailed copies        
Opt out of Junk Mail (        
Start composting your vegetable scraps        
Bring your own reusable mug when you buy coffee/tea on the go.  Bring your own reusable containers for take out food or when you have leftovers at a restaurant        
Watch No Impact Man available as an “instant watch” on NetFlix        
Pack and Store Food in Reusable Containers Only        
Use a handkerchief rather than Kleenex        
Create Your Own Actions:        

 • No Trash Travel Kit:  reusable drinking receptacle, cloth napkin, plastic or glass container, utensils and reusable produce bags.

Week 2:  Transportation & Energy

Actions Already Do
This Week
Will Continue
Action After Challenge
Bike or walk to run errands within 1 mile of home        
Take public transportation        
Increase mileage by pumping up your tires, moderating your acceleration and turning off the A/C        
Stop idling.  Turn your car off if it is not moving.        
Learn about hypermilers (        
Plan your day:  Double-up on Errands        
Use a clothesline or drying rack to dry your clothes        
Plan several meals that do not require you to use your oven or stovetop        
Use candlelight (make sure candles are not made from paraffin),  or better yet use solar power light indoors (        
For 1 day this week use your computer only if needed for work        
Turn off lights when not in use or when you leave a room        
Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents (CFLs or LEDs)        
Plug appliances (computers, TVs, etc.) into a power strip and turn it off at the end of the day.  Remember to turn off your computer at work as well.        
Say “No” to screen savers – they use 28% more energy, instead sleep the computer when away        
Create Your Own Actions:        


Week 3  Food & Water

Actions Already Do
This Week
Will Continue
Action After Challenge
Drink Fair Trade Coffee (better yet – purchase it from the CRUU!)        
Eat Vegetarian or Vegan  for one day        
Plan Weekly Meals.  Use plan to make shopping list so you don’t overbuy        
Shop your fridge first.  Consider what you have on hand before grocery shopping        
Check dates on items in fridge and either use or move it to your freezer.        
Buy local produce        
Take shorter showers:  use a timer and see if you can take a 5 min. shower        
Turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth or shave        
Use the Yellow Mellow rule for flushing        
Purchase and install at least 1 water saving device        
Put mulch around base of trees to prevent water runoff and increase absorbency        
Watch a documentary about food (ex.  Food Inc. )        
Create your Own Action:        

Week 4: Take Action & Eco-Sabbath

Actions Already Do
This Week
Will Continue
Action After Challenge
Go to any of the following web sites and take action for the environment:        
Food and Water Watch
Natural Resources Defense Council
Environmental Defense Fund
Tithe your income:  dedicate a % of your income to charity        
Practice Random Act of Environmental Kindness (ex:  pick up litter, pick up scrap paper at work and put in recycle bin, treat a friend to a meal at a local sustainable restaurant)        
Volunteer at least once in the next several months:        
Eco-Action Atlanta
Kennesaw Mtn. Trail Club hosts monthly work days
Chattahoochee Nature Center
Cobb County Chapter of the Sierra Club
Emerson UU Congregation:  Help out at the next Emerson Grounds Clean-up  Day and/or
Help at the next Emerson Adopt-a-Mile Cleanup
Create your own Action:        
For 1 day, 1 afternoon or even 1 hour a week don’t:
• Buy anything
• Use Machines
• Switch on anything electric
• Cook
• Answer your phone
• Do anything that requires someone else to work (don’t go to the movies, out to dinner, etc.)
• In General don’t use any resources other than words
For this regular period give yourself, other people and the planet a break.

At the End of the Experiment You Will Total Your Points
Give yourself 1 Point for each checkbox marked

How did you measure up?
Total your No Impact Experiment Score and find your shade of green.

20 and above:  Deep Green
Wow!  The rest of us are “green” with envy at your eco-cred!

15 - 19:  Sage Green
Nice job!  We can tell you’re “in the know” when it comes to green living.

8-14  Minty Green
Great effort!  You went the distance for Mother Earth during the past 4 weeks.

1-7  Pale Green
You’re getting there!  Now, let’s commit to being a little bit greener all year round.