About Us

Here is a little information about us and who we are. Click on the links to find out more information.

Find out a little more about who leads this wonderful place. We have a full time minister and staff. The church is governed by members of the church who volunteer their valuable time. These committed members are governed by a board, councils and committees.

Our vision statement is:
To be a radically inclusive, open minded, Beloved Community that is a vibrant source of peace, hope, and healing.

Our mission statement is:
Seek truths, celebrate differences, act on our Unitarian Universalist Principles, inspire the best in each of us, and serve the world.

What is this church with the crazy name? It’s Ok, you can call it “UU” if you’d like. Take a few minutes to read about what we believe. Find out the basics to see if our beliefs are a good fit for you. (Spoiler Alert: We are very open and welcoming to everyone!)

How did our congregation grow throughout the years to become what it is now?