Adult Religious Exploration

Our Adult Religious Exploration (ARE) program provides opportunities to explore the many facets of Unitarian Universalism and discover the varied ways in which our UU principles can inform and enhance all aspects of our lives.

Topics include not only all aspects of UUism; but all world religions, spirituality, philosophy, nature and the environment, social justice, physical, emotional and mental health, various creative and cultural themes, etc. This is the beauty and challenge of our UU principles – they are infused into every aspect of our lives!

Our classes are open to all members, friends and guests who are 18 and up. ANY person who is interested in learning, sharing, discussing, fellowship and challenging oneself will find ARE sessions to meet their needs. Youcan expect to be treated with respect so you can feel comfortable to engage in thoughtful conversation. Each session has a facilitator to ensure we remain in covenant with one another and that we stay on topic (as much as we can!). What precedes discussion can vary as greatly as our topics do. Some sessions may show videos; others may be based on books or articles. There may be an outside speaker, a demonstration of some sort, or a hands-on activity.

If we have sparked your interest,  sessions are held during second hour activities after service and coffee time each Sunday from 11:15 until 12:15. ARE also sponsors special events from time-to-time throughout the year. Look in the monthly Synergist, Weekly Notebook or Sunday Order of Service for what is coming up next!

The Emerson ARE committee is responsible for creating and managing all of our ARE activities. The ARE committee is comprised of a chair(s) appointed by the Emerson Board of Trustees but is otherwise an open committee of Emerson members and friends. The committee meets at least once a month. However, it is only with the full support and participation of our Emerson community that a thriving, enriching ARE program can exist here at Emerson.

We always have room for more helping hands and would love for you to share your talents! There are several ways to become more involved in the ARE program. Become a session facilitator for an established UUA programor share an area of expertise, professionally or as a personal hobby and create your own session. YOU can join the ARE committee and assist in shaping and planning ARE. Email or call Lynn Smith at 727-455-0035 for more information.