Emerson Community

Come in and explore the programs Emerson has for you and your family.

Where ever you are in your religious, spiritual or intellectual journey, the Emerson Community is here to help you understand where you are now to help you create the path for the exploration of your future self.

At 11:15 on Sunday morning you have the opportunity to deepen your understanding of your own faith, religion, spirituality, mortality and all life experiences. We have developed programs and discussion groups serving the spiritual and intellectual enrichment of adults like you. Here are some of the topics you may find in our Adult Religious Education:

  • UU Parenting — Parents discussing their lives and ideas with other parents
  • History and Theology — Religions of all kinds, their beliefs and pasts, how they fit into a UU belief
  • Beautiful Pictures — Photography Class for every skill and experience level
  • Sermon Reflections — Open discussion reflecting on our service. Your opportunity to share your own thoughts and opinions.

You’re looking for a safe place for your children to grow and learn in a theologically diverse atmosphere. Children like yours of all ages from infants up to high school join us every week to play in our nursery and explore our youth religious education.

The nursery is available to newborns through 4 year olds during the service and through the religious education programs. After the service you and your kids can go to religious education, there are classes available for every age:

  • Chalice Sparks — 4 and 5 year olds
  • Chalice Kids — Kindergarten through First grade
  • Pathfinders — Second and Third grade
  • Seekers — Fourth and Fifth Grade
  • Junior Youth — Middle School
  • Senior Youth — High School Young Adults


Sensitive Subjects are a difficult matter for all ages whether you’re asking questions or trying to answer them. Our Whole Lives or OWL is taught all over the country to youth and adults who have questions and need answers. Send your children to a trained and certified teacher knowing they will received the answers they seek in a safe, respectful, honest and supportive environment.

We provide meaningful small group worship experience through Emerson’s Listening Circle program. Listening Circles are groups of six to ten individuals who come together monthly, to share our spiritual journeys.  The Listening Circle Steering Committee provides training, materials and support for Listening Circle facilitators, and manages circle logistics. 

Friends and social events are an important part of every community. Waldo’s coffee house is your chance to engage with others like you. On the second Saturday of the month join us as we celebrate our connection with each other through music, food and drink.

Take at look at what we have planned for the rest of the year:

  • September 8:              Aspen Countryman
  • October13:                  The Good Graces
  • December 1:                Brian Frey and Friends