Your First Adventure at Emerson

Good Morning!
Welcome to your virtual Sunday at Emerson

Let me be the first to welcome you to Emerson UU today. We are Millie and Michel and we’re proud to be your tour guide for this virtual Sunday. It’s wonderful you are able to join us this morning. I’m so excited to learn more about the journey which brought you to us. Let’s take a look at the community you’ll be part of here.

Emerson people-3622

Let your kids play

Your kids can play in our childcare area during the service. Let our trained professionals take care of your little ones so you can join us. This area is a perfect place to play for newborns to 4 year olds.

If your children are a little older or you’d just like a place to sit without worry while you can still listen to the service there is a quiet family worship room to share.


Greet those around you and introduce yourself​

Have a seat and say hello to those around you. Everyone here is anxious to get to know you. During the beginning of the service you’ll have the opportunity to introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about where you’re from and what you’re seeking, but only if you feel comfortable.


Listen to the Choir

We have an amazing music program which is open to all.  Sit and listen as the beautiful voices of our choir fill the space.

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Discover a story for all ages

Those who are young or young at heart will be asked to join us at the front. We choose a new story and message every week not just for the kids but the adults as well.

After the story, your children are welcome to play and do activities with the other youth. Kids will have supervised time to play on the outdoor playgrounds or indoor game area.


Enjoy the service

Listen to our minister, Reverend Don Cameron, speak on the week’s topic. We believe in an inclusive and welcoming environment and our services reflect this. You can expect topics as detailed as individual experiences or as broad as basic morality of humanity. All of our sermons center around basic love and respect for each other.

Don’t expect all our topics to be easy. We sometimes discuss difficult topics such as immigration, gay rights and racism. If you’d like, take a look at some of our past discussions:

  • Torture is never justified
  • Refugees and Immigrants
  • Transcendence in the natural world

Join us for coffee, snacks and conversation

It’s time to socialize! Join us in our reception area, we provide drinks and snacks as well as the opportunity to let us get to know you better. Meet new friends and discover what’s new in the church. Look over some of our pictures and find out what other activities we have planned.


Take a religious exploration class

Look through your bulletin and figure out what you’d like to learn more about. Share your thoughts and listen to others talk about the sermon topic. Hang out with your new friends while your children partake in their own class. This is your time to choose what you’d like to do.


Come back and see us

We hope you’ve enjoyed your time at Emerson as much as we’ve enjoyed having you join us and we would love to see you again.