Your Journey Continues

Experience more than just Sunday at Emerson

You can be a part of the change you would like to see in the world. Join our many social justice groups to help create the vision we all want. This is where you stand up and actively change your community and the world. Your opportunities:

  • Environmental Justice
  • Immigration Justice
  • LGBTQ+ Justice
  • Economic Justice

We recognize the spiritual dimension of music. Our services include hymns that reflect the principles of sources of Unitarian Universalism and other musical selections chosen to enhance the worship experience. Share your musical gifts with us.

Become part of an Emerson Committee or Group

You can truly be part of us by joining us. Emerson is almost completely volunteer based which means we need you to help out. The internal management and decision making process is open to all the members. You can be part of Emerson at any level you feel comfortable and know you are truly part of a group who enacts change both inside and out. Share your talents with us.

Our bi-monthly publication for member, guests or anyone intrested in what’s going on at Emerson.

There are times in life when we all need someone to listen. You may be struggling with financial or relationship problems, or you may need an objective ear as you grapple with a long-standing and exhausting issue. 

Many times, your first thought is to turn to our minister for help in such situations. Of course, a minister can’t be everywhere at once, and there are also times when you may feel more comfortable sharing your thoughts with someone else. That’s where Emerson’s Pastoral Care Team comes into play. This select group of Emerson members has had extensive and specialized training in listening skills and has committed to respond with emotional support for people who need help. You can identify them at church services by the bright yellow name tags they wear. Team members also read the list of Joys and Sorrows at each Emerson Sunday service. 

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