Kids Religious Exploration

Emerson Kids Playing in the Pool

Childern & Youth Religious Exploration

Most families visiting Emerson are looking for theologically diverse exploration for their children; a dedicated place and time in the hustle and bustle of busy lives to intentionally shift into low gear; a place to explore and learn about themselves, the world and the UU faith.

We invite you to come visit Emerson UU Religious Exploration in person soon!

The RE Program Vision Statement

“To awaken the soul, excite and cherish spiritual life” – in guiding and supporting children and families on their journey as lifelong Unitarian Universalists.

  • The Great End in Religious Instruction by William Ellery Channing, 18th century Unitarian Minister.

The RE Program Mission Statement:

We realize our Vision by:

  • Embracing religious education to awaken the soul;
  • Building a beloved community with shared Unitarian Universalist values;
  • Supporting spiritual growth through ritual and worship; and
  • Ministering to the whole family

Sunday Schedule for Children and Families ​

Worship Service 9:45-10:45

Childcare is provided from 9:35am-10:55am for children (infants through preK) whose parents are attending the worship service. Children may remain in the Nursery after 10:55am if their parents are attending Adult Religious Exploration.  Families with young children also have the option to enjoy the service together in the Baby Worship Room (room 102).  

Playtime 10:15-11:15

4-7 year olds have the option to exit the service after the Story for All Ages, to participate in supervised play which is held outside on the Playgrounds or in the Nursery and the Upstairs Youth Activity Room (room 209), depending on the weather and the number of children participating.  

Coffee and Conversation 10:45-11:15

Adults and children who remained with their parents during worship are invited upstairs for coffee, snacks and conversation after the service.  

Religious Education for Children and Youth and Religious Exploration for Adults 11:15-12:15

All children and adults are welcome to stay for 2nd our activities from 11:15-12:15.   See the white insert in the Order of Service each week for programs for adults, and the green insert for programs for children.  Children who attended playtime will be escorted directly to the age appropriate RE class.  Parents pick up children from their RE classrooms at 12:15.