Leaders at Emerson

Our Minister

Interim Minister - Reverend Don Cameron

Rev. Cameron received his M. Div. from the Starr King School of Ministry in Berkeley, CA and has served congregations in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Rhode Island, California, and most recently in Minnesota. In our interviews with Don, the Interim Task Force was much impressed with his focus on collaboration, respect for lay leadership, and ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships at all levels. His breadth of ministerial experience will, we believe, benefit Emerson UUC greatly. 



Minister Emeritus- Reverend Jeff Jones

Rev. Jones served as Emerson’s settled minister from May of 2010-June of 2017.  During his time at Emerson, Rev. Jones was a frequent participant in inter-faith dialogues and social justice efforts. On February 12, 2017 in a sermon titled “How Do I Love Thee,” he shared that he would be leaving Emerson and full time parish ministry, to follow his calling to dedicate more of his life-energy to Compassionate Living grounded in Compassionate Communication, as student, practitioner, teacher, and activist.  Rev Jones has always been ​committed to actively living his faith, and forwarding the spiritual growth of others.  We wish him well as he continues his journey. 

Emerson Staff

Maggie Baker

Office Administrator


Beth Kline

Director of Religious Education


Christine Tenery

Lead Childcare Provider

Kathy Mittleman

Choir Director


Kathee Tomlin

Music Director music@emersonuu.org

Board Members

Carol Conchar


Ginger White

Vice President

Star Storey


Wynne Skow


Tom Cutilletta


Sara Allman


Haylee Meyers


Councils and Committees

Coordinating Council

Council Chair: Ginger White

  • Communications Committee
    • John Allman

Faith Action Council

Council Chair: Karen Abel
Board liaison: Ginger White
  • Environmental Task Force
    • Mark Horne
  • Immigration Task Force
  • Social Justice
    • Karen Abel
  • Must Ministry Breakfasts
    • Joe Tomichek

Property Management Council

Council Chair: Michel Myers
Board liaison: Tom Cutilletta

  • Buildings & Grounds
    • Nick Jokay
  • Saftey Committee
    • Richard Fuller
  • Aesthetics Committee
    • Trish Neitzel
  • AV Team
    • Chris Thaiss

Congregational and Nurture Council

Council Chair: Patricia Johnson
Board liaison: Carol Conchar
  • Leadership Development Committee
    • Jenny Christoffersen and Aaron Darland
  • Conflict Resolution Committee
    • Patricia Johnson

Faith Development Council

Council Chair: Gillian Skow
Board liaison: Sara Allman
  • RE Committee
    • Gillian Skow
  • Adult RE Committee
    • Laura Trad and Lynn Smith
  • OWL Committee
    • Angela Miles

Worship Council

Council Chair: Mark Cobb
Board liaison: Haylee Meyers
  • Sunday Service Committee
    • Esther Sumartojo
  • Listening Circle Steering Committee
    • Mark Cobb
  • Choir Leadership Committee

Finance Council

Council Chair: Jenny Christoffersen
Board liaison: Star Storey
  • Personel Committee
    • Jim Skow
  • Long Range Planning
    • Jenny Christoffersen
  • Stewardship Committee
    • Uwe Neitzel
  • Fundraising Committee
    • Dave Schimmel and Shelley House
  • Finance Committee
    • Erik Skow

Membership Council

Council Chair: Millie Fuller
Board liaison: Wynne Skow
  • Membership Development Committee
    • Millie Fuller
  • Greeters & Ushers
    • Mike Kline
  • Hospitality Committee
    • Millie Fuller
  • Helping Hands Committee
    • Linda Sabo
  • Photography Committee
    • John Allman


  • Anti-Racist Reading Group
    • Star Storey
  • Book Group
    • Lynn Smith
  • Buddist Sitting Group
    • Ann Mason
  • Covenant of UU Pagans
    • Michel Myers
  • Daytimers Group
    • Tom & Bernadine Cutilletta
  • Emerson Men’s Group
    • Joe Tomichek
  • Mom’s Night Out Group
    • Audrey Piekut-Thaiss
  • The Mountain
    • Joe Tomichek
  • Pastoral Care Team
    • Rev. Don Cameron
  • Spanish Learners Group
    • Anne Askew
  • Days for Girls
    • Ginger White