Waldo’s Coffeehouse

Steff Mahan opens concert series of Waldo's Coffeehouse on March 23

Waldo’s Coffeehouse starts with an exciting Fundraiser Special into the new concert season: Fans have the opportunity to make their donation for the entire concert series upfront and save money! The requested donation for all

5 concerts of the 2019 series is just $50. This new option allows you to save 33% off the regularly requested donation of $15.00 at the door. Of course, as usual, kids can attend for free. Donations can be made at Emerson UUC on Sundays during Coffee Hour after the service or can be arranged online via uuwaldoscoffeehouse@gmail.com <mailto:uuwaldoscoffeehouse@gmail.com> and paid via PayPal.

It will be another exciting waldo’s Coffeehouse season with wonderful music and entertaining acts! Still on the second Saturday of a month, this year’s concert dates are: March 23, April 13, May 11, August 10 and October 12. The performers for this series are: Steff Mahan, ThunderGypsy, Pickxen, Hiroya Tsukamoto and the Downing Street Band (also known as Lashbrooks).

Steff Mahan from Nashville will open up the season on March 23rd. The first thing you notice when you meet Steff Mahan is that she feels like an old friend – albeit a very gifted one. Her accessibility, as well as her singular talent, has been key in building a loyal fan base that most artists can only fantasize about.

It’s no wonder. From the very beginning of her career, Mahan has told their stories – of family, the drive to pursue dreams despite the odds, the magic of falling in love, the pain of surviving broken hearts, and the singular joy of finding love again. She does it all in well-honed three-minute bites that continually show that she gets it, she gets you, she’s been there, and she feels it all with you. She lets her audiences in, creating the atmosphere of a house party, sharing both her hilarious takes on the world and some of her most personal experiences. That authenticity has remained a shining light that continues to draw people to her like a porch light welcoming them home.

And home they come. At any given show you can find audience members who have traveled from multiple states away to catch her set. There is the couple who has never missed a show when physically able to attend, the 11-year-old girl with Muscular Dystrophy who willed herself out of her wheelchair just to be able to stand for a picture with Mahan, and the Music City elite who flock to her performances for inspiration, side-splitting insider stories, and to pay props. Her shows draw fans of all ages, backgrounds, and points of origin. She sings the soundtracks of their lives and they love her for it.

Mahan remains the mythical road dog, taking her music to the fans wherever they may be. She has played venues large and small around the country, including such mainstays as Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta, Third & Lindsley in Nashville, the Walnut Room in Denver, and the famous Red Clay Theater in Duluth. She has performed unique double bills with comedians Jenny McNulty and Suzanne Westenhoffer. She has also been a part of some impressive music collectives, most recently with fellow Nashville powerhouses Cheley Tackett and Ashley McBryde in their raucous side project Shotgun Oakley. She was even honored by the Q Television Network with a full-length special recorded live in Nashville.

Now she comes to Waldo’s Coffeehouse, doing what she does best – connecting with people where they are through her quirky, warm personality, heartfelt storytelling, and a talent that won’t be denied. She does it because, like all true artists, she simply can’t not do it. Once you hear her, you’ll know that that’s the biggest gift of all to those of us who love great music.

Want to listen to some of Steff Mahan’s beautiful songs? Please click on the links below:

The concert at Emerson UUC on 4010 Canton Road in Marietta starts at 7:00 

PM. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Entrance donation at the door is $15. Snacks are