This Week’s Worship Service

Sunday,   August 9, 2020    9:45am

The Space in the Chalice

 Jeffrey Jacoby

A flaming chalice is lit at the beginning of every service at Emerson. Why do we do this? When did this start? Who came up with a chalice and why? What does the symbol mean and what is that large open space for? Although many UU churches around the world light a chalice, it is not a requirement. This ritual is the signal that we have gathered together to worship for the week. The origin of the chalice and what is represents is actually the true embodiment of what we as Unitarian Universalists are all about. 

Next Week’s Worship Service

Sunday,   August 16, 2020   9:45am

Let These Waters Renew Us

 Rev. Deborah Bennett

Come, come whoever you are. Let us gather by the river of community and let the waters renew our soul, our spirit and our world. All are welcome to join our annual in-gathering ritual whether you have been with us for decades or this is your very first ‘virtual’ visit to Emerson.

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